Why Choose DaVita Landing Page

During my time at DaVita, we underwent a new brand positioning project. We wanted to step away from the more clinical aspect of our work and focus more on how our patient’s time with us impacts their life at home; we wanted to show more of the human connection to what we do.

Our brand team began focusing on capturing these incredible patient centered stories and it was my job to give those stories life on our website.

Historically, we have only ever had a static hero banner on any of our web properties. The nature of this page necessitated a shift away from that and toward the video header you see in the example below. Leveraging a b-roll video provided by our brand team, I was able to incorporate it into our hero space to bring life and movement to the page. I wanted you to feel and connect with the page right away and I know we accomplished that with this new direction.

I'm Andrea Reno.

A small-town Texas native obsessed with all things Colorado who turned a passion for great design into her day job. I’m creating great UX/UI one website at a time. Let’s work together.