Alen Total Home Solutions Landing Page

The purpose of this page represented a challenge from the beginning since the desired solution was to entice customers to contact Alen Sales Representatives on the phone or by email, which is not a typical solution on a digital product. Our current e-commerce platform offered the possibility to up-sell a potential customer while they are at certain points in the purchase path (collection pages, product pages, shopping cart, etc). However, the possibility of customizing the up-sell process to the customer’s specific needs wasn’t offered out of the box, so we needed to find a workaround. A short 10-20 minute consultation was performed by a sales representative to determine how many air purifiers were necessary to provide optimal filtration based on the customer’s house SqFt and layout.

Customers were encouraged to send floor plans/blue prints of their residences by email so the Sales Representative could have a better idea of the layout and make the recommendations accordingly. Even though this page didn’t follow the traditional interactive patterns of a typical e-commerce store, the performance has been remarkable since its launch a few months ago. Sales Representatives have sold more than 80K worth of air purifiers as a part of the Whole Home Solutions initiative.

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