Hill Country Bible Church, Media Player

While on staff at Hill Country Bible Church, I was tasked with the project of giving our media player a facelift. Throughout the project, we compiled data and research through user testing of our current (at that time) media player as well as sending out a survey of feature requests via email to a randomized selection of congregation members. What we found was that people wanted a lot more than what we had been giving them. The most requested feature request was sermon notes in a digital format – a no brainer. We were able to accommodate that request as well as several other features as well. 

After requirements gathering, we began the process of wireframes, client feedback sessions and high fidelity mockups prior to passing it off to our development team for final implementation.

I was able to provide the development team a full fidelity working version of the media player in HTML/CSS, allowing them to just focus on the backend implementation of the streaming video capabilities, scripture connection and database/CMS connections to upload the sermon notes, etc.

I'm Andrea Reno.

A small-town Texas native obsessed with all things Colorado who turned a passion for great design into her day job. I’m creating great UX/UI one website at a time. Let’s work together.