Email Template System

One thing I pride myself on is process optimization. I love to find and create efficiencies to streamline workflows. I saw an opportunity, almost immediately, at Alen to streamline their email workflow. As an e-commerce company, they send A LOT of emails. (You know how many emails you get from your favorite online stores)

When I came on board, they were creating every single email from scratch. After building out a few emails, I realized that we were using similar layouts over and over again. With this in mind, I set out to create a template with a full range of options that would allow us to copy/paste sections instead of rebuilding our HTML every time we created an email. Even though the process was somewhat tedious, it ended up shaving about 75% of the time off of email builds and sends each week. Well worth the effort.

I'm Andrea Reno.

A small-town Texas native obsessed with all things Colorado who turned a passion for great design into her day job. I’m creating great UX/UI one website at a time. Let’s work together.