Alen vs. Competitors Landing Page Series

Alen’s goal for this page was to establish itself among it’s competition in the high-end segment of air purifiers. The idea of this series of pages was to create a set of landing pages that would compare the Alen flagship units against its competitors’ equivalents. The user flow would be quite simple: people would come from a promotional email, a link on the main navigation or from the ‘model comparison table’ page. Once on the landing page, the user could pick a competitor’s brand to be compared side by side with an Alen unit. Right below the comparison table, the user will be given the choice to go to the specific Alen product page or continue to browsing through the ‘deep dive’ experience.

Alen vs Competitors Landing page


The content on these pages was used to leverage Alen’s brand value proposition against their competitors. The comparison table was implemented using an adaptive approach since it was not feasible nor efficient to show the same table layout and structure on mobile devices. A navigation was provided at the bottom to allow users to go to the other unit comparison landing pages without going back to the top of the page. By designing these pages, Alen leveraged its advantages with comparable units in the competition and allowed customers to make a more informed decision when purchasing their air purifier.

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