Alen Product Page

As the Lead UX/UI Web Designer at Alen Corp I was tasked with the redesign of the air purifiers customization process on the product pages with a responsive design approach. 

After the main user flows were identified I created low fidelity wireframes to identify the main interactions and content blocks of the product page and how they would behave in a responsive environment. These wireframes were used as prototypes on the first user testing conducted.

The first round of user testing allowed myself and the rest of our team to identify some pain points that came directly from observations and feedback from the testers. These pain points were translated into modifications made to the original design and a second iteration of wireframes that were then tested.

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX product page mobile wireframes

Alen BreatheSmart FLEX product page desktop wireframe

After a few rounds of user testing and revisions, a high definition mockup of the product page was created and the required documentation handed over to developers for a Minimum Viable Product implementation.

We have since gone on to create a deep dive product experience to highlight certain product features and callouts providing more information for the user to consider prior to their purchase. 

I'm Andrea Reno.

A small-town Texas native obsessed with all things Colorado who turned a passion for great design into her day job. I’m creating great UX/UI one website at a time. Let’s work together.